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Schlage Electronics SXPR-SFT-1 Offline Access Control Software

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Product Overview

Schlage Express software provides an easy-to-use, convenient electronic access management system compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Use it to manage offline standalone locks like AD-200, CO-200 and CO-220 as well as some commercial controllers and multi-family locks. Schlage Express software use is recommended for smaller facilities with fewer than 100 doors where real-time security management is not required. It allows easy management of new and existing user rights with reporting capability to show audit trails retrieved, access privileges granted, and time functions established by either user or door. Transfer of information between the program and lock is done using an Android mobile device or handheld device (HHD) as an interface at the door. Supports PIN code access, magnetic stripe, proximity and smart card use as well as dual authentication using PIN + card. Supports up to 8 user times zones to limit the hours and days an individual can gain access to assigned points. Supports up to 16 holidays allowing the suspension of normal operations for user defined periods per door during non-normal days. Help manage auto unlock schedules allowing weekly repeat for automatic locking and unlocking of doors (up to 16 defined per system; up to 8 assigned per lock).


  • Application
    For smaller facilities with fewer than 100 doors where real-time security management is not required
  • Country of Origin
  • Function
    Management tool for user rights, scheduling and audits
  • Programmer/
    Enables management of 2,000 users with audits for 50 locking devices or 1,000 users with audits for 100 devices
  • Software
    Yes, Only
  • Type
  • Unit of Measure
  • Use With
    Offline Standalone Locks Like Ad-200, Co-200, & Co-220 as Well as Some Commercial Controllers and Multi-Family Locks