Security Integration
Security Integration
Metal (Weapons) Detection
Security Integration
Security Integration
Metal (Weapons) Detection

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CEIA OpenGate™ Weapons Detection System *FOR QUOTE ONLY*

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Product Overview

OpenGate™ is a Groundbreaking Weapons Detection System designed for the automatic screening of people in transit, including their luggage, backpacks, and bags, for the detection of Mass Casualty Metal Threats, such as high caliber assault weapons and IED devices.

OpenGate™ is the first wire-free, screening portal consisting of two independent and self-powered pillars, with each pillar equipped with a support base and electronic analysis system.

Contrary to Metal Detector Gates, OpenGate™ does not require a mechanical and electrical connection between the two transducers that define the passageway.

Acoustic and optical signals, located at the top of the pillars, provide simultaneous status and alarm indications.

Its structure makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor operations, even in conditions of exposure to rain and sunlight, in all environmental conditions that are compatible with security screening operations.

The extreme portability allows quick relocation of the gate, offering the most suitable solution for places where, for safety reasons, the checkpoint must be moved from obstructions after use.

Detection and signalling parameters can be easily set via the OpenGate™ App, designed for smartphones or tablets based on Android or iOS operating systems.

Easy to relocate and quick to install: is only 11 kg with less than 1 minute setup time and does not require adjustments or the assembly of mechanical and electrical parts.

Warranty Information

2 Years Limited


  • Additional Information
    Indoor/outdoor operation
  • Application
    All places open to the public characterized by high footfall events or time restricted ingress
  • Color
    Light Gray
  • Function
    Detection of mass casualty weapons and IED
  • NDAA Compliant
  • Unit of Measure
  • Use With
    OpenGate App available via Android or iOS operating systems