Mixed-Use & Multi-Family

Mixed-Use & Multi-Family

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The Cook & Boardman Group offers the most comprehensive set of Multi-Use & Multi-Family solutions and services in the industry. Submit a request below to engage with our team of experts.

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Total Openings & security solutions for Mixed-Use & Multi-Family Properties

National Presence. Local Service

The Cook & Boardman Group is an ideal partner in the mixed-use and multi-family construction and property management space. As the nation’s largest supplier of commercial doors, frames, hardware and access control solutions, and one of the top five security systems integrations companies, Cook & Boardman offers access to all major product lines and the highest level of application expertise and support infrastructure to help complete your projects on time and on budget.

If you are a general contractor involved with new construction, renovation or upgrade of mixed-use and multi-family properties – or an owner/operator responsible for managing and maintaining your assets, Cook & Boardman can serve all of your building opening and physical security needs from our network of more than 70 locations nationwide

Our product offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Exterior and interior doors, frames & hardware

  • Pre-hung tenant unit doors & frames

  • Access control and life safety

  • Automatic operators

  • Touchless entry/exit solutions

  • Video surveillance & monitored security

  • Unit entry smart locks

  • Access related proptech and resident service platforms

  • Enterprise Networking

  • Unified Communications

Our construction services and property management services include:

  • Specification and Design

  • Budgeting, Estimating and Detailing

  • Project Management

  • Hardware Pre-Installation

  • Onsite Installation Services

  • Aftermarket repair and replacement

  • Customized eCommerce solutions

  • Locksmithing

  • Fire Door Inspection

  • 24/7 Customer Support and Service Response

  • Comprehensive Service & Maintenance

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