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Rely on us for your repair and replacement needs

Instead of contacting local door suppliers in every market, national companies can purchase from a single point of contact. The Cook & Boardman Group is the only commercial door supplier that focuses exclusively on National Accounts and their specific needs.

Our program focuses on the individual needs of corporate customers. Benefits include:

Reduced Construction Delays

When you order a National Account project, you can feel confident that your order and any unexpected change orders will ship from our inventory instead of being subject to factory lead times.

Industry Expertise

As the National Account Industry Leader, we will help with specifications, hardware schedules and recommend the correct materials for the functionality, security and required building codes for each project.

Dedicated Account Team

Each account is handled by a specially trained account team who understand the prototypical needs and materials inside and out. Each team maintains the product standards and specifications as established by the architect and the corporate construction team.

Warranty Management

In the event that the materials fail, we simplify the warranty process to a single point of contact.

Reduced Project Costs

We combine projects and negotiate higher volume-based discounts with our manufacturers in order to generate lower prices for you. This can result in significant savings versus the more common model where each project is purchased locally.

For example, if a single project includes 10 commercial doors, and the build schedule is 50 new projects per year for three years, we will negotiate with the manufacturers based on the combined volume of 1,500 doors (50 projects x 3 years x 10 doors per project) for better discounts.