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Cook & Boardman

  Introduction - How To Replace A Commercial Door
  Measuring the Door Thickness
  Handing Doors – Inswing Doors
  Measuring the Door Width and Height
  Handing Doors – Doors that Swing Out
  Measuring your Existing Hinges
  Determining the Strike Type
  Measuring Existing Frame Cutouts – Hinge Side
  Measuring Existing Frame Cutouts – Strike Side
  Helpful Tips for Door Replacement

Preparation – Steel Door Replacement

  How to Measure for Replacement Steel Doors (SDI)

Steel Door and Frame Installation

 How to Install Punch & Dimple Frames (SDI)
 How to Install a Steel Door Frame in Steel Stud Construction (SDI)
 How to Install a Steel Door Frame in Masonry Construction (SDI)
 How to Install Slip-On Drywall Frames (SDI)
 How to Install a Commercial Steel Door (SDI)

Technical Resources

Steel Door Institute (SDI)

Door and Hardware Institute (DHI)