Physical Security


Video Surveillance & Access Control

Gain Peace of Mind with a 24/7 Security Solution

Installing physical security is a proactive way to take the necessary safety measures to keep your organization safe in today’s world. Eliminate the worry of whether your buildings and equipment are protected with a well-designed system in place.  

There are many benefits of high-definition cameras and secured doors. A comprehensive solution can:

  • Restrict unauthorized access
  • Secure your environment
  • Eliminate key problems
  • Minimize long-term costs
  • Improve emergency response times
  • Discourage misbehavior and dishonesty
  • Reduce fraudulence

Physical security options are continuing to grow. You can trust the Cook & Boardman family of companies to stay informed on the latest trends in the surveillance and access control marketplace, and offer expertise as the technology continues to evolve.

IP Surveillance

IP (internet protocol) surveillance is more than just a security video solution. The footage recorded with an IP camera has the ability to distribute content over an IP network. This digital solution offers a number of enhancements over traditional analog including:

  • Higher quality images  
  • Improved search capability 
  • Expanded storage capacity
  • Remote viewing and control 
  • Playback while recording

Access Control

When it comes to ensuring safety, access control is essential if your security plan restricts entry to unauthorized personnel. Whether you need hardware installed for facility management or a system to administer network access, we have the tools and engineers to protect your organization.


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